Oracle User Group Finland OUGF was founded in 1988. Finland's official Oracle User Group is independent, both financially and administratively, but co-operates closely with Oracle and other Oracle user groups worldwide.


OUGF's mission is to expand the professional skills of persons working with Oracle technology and networking. Moreover, our vision in our conferences is to present answers how to utilize Oracle technology to build robust and cost effective solutions to customers using Oracle technology and to help customers to boost their business using Oracle technology.

OUGF have two types of memberships. 

Individual memberis full member of OUGF and entitled e.g. to discounts on seminar expenses and seminar materials. 

Community memberis either company or organization, of which all its personnel are entitled same member benefits as individual member. However, in OUGF official meetings, voting right is assigned to contact person. Contact person details is to be delivered to OUGF. Contact person is responsible for internal communication within community member organization.

Our community members for year 2020 are Accenture, Ruokavirasto, Solita and University of Helsinki.


Join us by registerin as a member. Prices for membership:

Individual member 50Eur (+ VAT 24%) 

Community member 1000 Eur (+VAT 24%)

Contact us, and we will take care of the rest!

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